"We loved the daily updates while we were in Mexico for the week. And it was great to know Rocky was getting so much one-on-one attention. Clearly, you have a special connection with him." V. & B. C., Bellevue


Seattle In-Your-Home Pet Care


"We'll always remember how you insisted on sleeping on the couch instead of the bedroom so you could be right next to Lou when he was on chemo and trying to work through his cancer.  Thank you for being a part of his life on and off during his spirited battle.   When I had to be away for three weeks in Australia, your daily updates gave me peace of mind.  We know our doggies enjoy your talking to them and loving massages.  Willy and Peanut will continue to enjoy their 'alpha mom' when we travel." 
A. & S.F., Madison Park 

Seattle In-Your-Home Pet CareSeattle In-Your-Home Pet Care   Peanut, Lou and Willy


"It was wonderful to take a trip knowing our babies were being well taken care of. They were perfectly fine and happy! Thank you so much for taking great care of them--even playing with them." S.B., Issaquah

Seattle In-Your-Home Pet Care
Peanut and Stax

Seattle In-Your-Home Pet Care
 Seattle In-Your-Home Pet Care
Einstein and Freddy


"Thank you for taking such good care of Butch and Lottie." M.Z., Issaquah

Seattle In-Your-Home Pet Care   Seattle In-Your-Home Pet Care

                                    Lottie                                        Butch


Seattle In-Your-Home Pet Care"Tabby is usually shy with people outside the family, so we especially appreciate the warm relationship you've built with her over these past two years that you've been doing pet care for her. We can tell from the "conversations" you and she have that she's getting up-close-and-personal attention while we're away!" S. & H.P., Kenmore