About Seattle In-Your-Home Pet Care

Did you notice that this service is called ‘pet care’ not ‘pet-sitting’? That’s because the service I provide isn’t about sitting around while your pet lies on his/her bed, or in a crate, or in the yard—sad and anxious while you’re away. My mission is to provide your pets with the best experience while you can’t be with them—to distract them from mourning your absence with fun and involving activities and affectionate attention. I give pooches and kitties therapeutic massages to help them relax and mellow. They’ll be relaxed and cheerful when they hear your footsteps in the front hall.

I engage your animals in conversation and play. Seattle In Your Home Pet CareWhen I take your dogs on multiple daily walks, I talk to them, too. I get down on the floor or the grass in your yard and play tug-of-war and fetch. Think dogs are the only ones who ‘speak?’ Don’t tell that to Tabby and Tigger, two cats I care for who like nothing better than to have impromptu gabfests. I even chat with Freddy the fish when I feed him, when I get up and before going to sleep. After all, pets are people, too!

Well, not exactly. And it’s important to respect each pet as a unique individual creature. If your pet needs his/her space, I honor that need. But if he/she needs a good cuddle…wants to sleep in my bed (with your permission), I’m happy to oblige. Let’s face it. I admire Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, and accept my role as the alpha mom. But if it comes to a choice between being the alpha or being a mom, I confess: I’m the mommy! My clients tell me I have a special connection with their animals, and I think they’re right.

The best thing you can do for your pets while they’re under my care is to prepare a sheet that informs me about them in detail: Their likes…dislikes…and quirks. Does your pet love music, peanut butter? Seattle In-Your-Home Pet CareStax lets you know she likes you by sitting on your foot! Lottie doesn’t want to see you in the kitchen, but she wants you to comfort her on the Fourth of July when firecrackers are exploding. Butch likes to sleep in late, but once he’s fully awake, he loves you to get down on his level and throw toys and growl. When one of my Peanuts writhes on the floor, she doesn’t need to be rushed to the vet—she’s doing her ‘happy dance’ and wants you to rub her tummy! And the other Peanut lets you know he isn’t hungry and wants you to save his food for later by covering his bowl with his blanket. Rocky may only weigh a few pounds, but he’s the King of Fetch when it comes to his toys. And Willy is Mr. Mellow, except when you leave your shoes out to tempt him.

The point of all this is to let you know that caring for pets isn’t just a job, it’s a mission—one I embrace with dedication, love and a sense of humor. When I moved to Virginia, one of my dogs at the time, Bucky, had an auto-immune disease that precluded his getting a rabies shot. Since the airlines wouldn’t let him fly without that vaccination, I drove him and his litter-mate, Spanky, across the country. In other words I go the extra mile for animals—or in this case 2200 extra miles!

If this sounds like the kind of service you want for your pet when you’re away, please be in touch by phone (206.306.5874) or email.

Jan Chase
Lake Forest Park