Seattle Pet Care - In-Your-Home Pet Care and Pet Sitting

Protect & Pamper Your Pets
While You Are Away

No more sad, anxious pets while you’re away. Prove your love and compassion by letting them remain in the familiar comfort and security of home with the same experienced loving care-giver each time you travel.

Seattle In-Your-Home Pet Care provides multiple-night, high-touch care for small and mid-size dogs and cats in your home.

While you're away, your pet gets:

  • Respectful, affectionate attention in familiar surroundings from
    the same care-giver every time you travel
  • Multiple daily walks (dogs only) and personalized one-on-one play
  • Feeding, water, and snacks per your specific instructions and
  • Calming, anxiety-reducing therapeutic massages

And you get:

  • Peace of mind knowing your pets have an experienced overnight caregiver
  • Security of not having placed your pets in harm’s way by exposing them in a kennel to other animals’ kennel cough, fleas, worms, and other parasites
  • Yard waste clean-up (dogs only) and/or litter box freshening (cats only)
  • Light house care services are free while your pet is being cared for - these services are limited to bringing in mail, newspapers and packages, watering indoor houseplants, and turning on/off sprinklers for the lawn
  • Daily email updates about your pets while you’re away
  • Convenience of not having to drive to a kennel to retrieve pets upon returning from your travels

The Fine Print:

Three-day minimum reservation. Weekends must include
    Friday and Saturday nights.

Holidays must be reserved and paid for in advance.

Maximum weight of each pet cannot exceed 25 pounds.

This service is not available for aggressive animals.

Cash or local check only.

Seattle In-Your-Home Pet Care